Tahir Shah was born in London on November 16, 1966. He is an Anglo-Afghan Indian journalist, author, and documentary maker.

His father, Idries Shah, was a Sufi teacher and writer. Tahir Shah went to Bryanston School, Dorset, England and studied at universities in Nairobi, London, and San Diego. Tahir Shah has written a lot of books, book introductions, documentaries, book reviews, and peer reviewed academic articles. A great number of his books can be considered to be travel literature. He has written book reviews for The Washington Post, The Spectator, and The Guardian. Shah has written screenplays and made some films. Over the years, his style has changed from newspaper-type reportage to book writing. After publishing some books with traditional publishers, Shah moved onto self-publishing in 2011 with his book Travels With Myself, using Lulu.com. He then released another book, through self-publishing, in 2012 titled Timbuctoo. Shah has always regarded their family friend, Doris Lessing, as a prominent influence, so also his aunt Amina Shah. Shah also enjoys good relationship with other travel writers and novelists. Shah’s writing style is simple prose, spiced with humour to educate and amuse his readers. He doesn’t like attending showy literary festivals and he works on a rigid schedule. Shah and a couple of colleagues from London Caravan Film were, in July 2005, arrested in Peshawar in Pakistan and detained without charge in solitary confinement in a torture prison. After September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001, Tahir Shah spent a great deal of his energy promoting a “cultural bridge” between the East and the West. He had encouraged the both sides to highlight their cultural heritages and share the similarities. Tired of living in his London apartment, in 2003, Shah relocated to Morocco with his wife Rachana and wo small children, Ariane and Timur. They bought an old mansion in Casablanca situated in the middle of a big shantytown.

Some of Tahir Shah’s Published Works

  • Cultural Research (editor)
  • The Middle East Bedside Book
  • Journey Through Namibia
  • Spectrum Guide to Jordan
  • Beyond the Devil’s Teeth
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  • Trail of Feathers
  • In Search of King Solomon’s Mines
  • House of the Tiger King
  • The Caliph’s House
  • In Arabian Nights
  • Travels With Myself: Collected Work
  • Timbuctoo
  • Scorpion Soup
  • Three Essays
  • Eye Spy
  • Casablanca Blues
  • Paris Syndrome

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