Sharon Shinn, an American novelist, was born in 1957. Her writings combine some aspects of romance, fantasy, and science fiction. She is quite prolific and has published more than a dozen novels (most of them in series) for young adult and adult readers. Her major works include the Samaria Series, the Shifting Circles Series, and the Twelve Houses Series. Sharon has also done a rewriting of Jane Eyre’s Jenna Starborn. Sharon is a graduate of Northwestern University and she works as a journalist in St. Louis, Missouri. Shinn is a strong supporter of St. Louis Rams and St. Louis Cardinals. She is also a huge fan of the TV Show, Lost. Sharon can be seen in most science-fiction/fantasy conventions. In 2009, she gave her book archive to the Northern Illinois University’s department of Rare Books and Special Collections.

Sharon Shinn’s famous books include:

  • Safe-Keepers series
  • Twelve Houses series
  • The Safe-Keeper’s Secret
  • The Truth-Teller’s Tale
  • The Dream-Maker’s Magic
  • Samaria series
  • Archangel
  • Jovah’s Angel
  • The Alleluia Files
  • Dark Moon Defender
  • The Turning Season
  • Angelica
  • Angel-Seeker
  • The Thirteenth House
  • Fortune and Fate
  • Elemental Blessings series
  • Troubled Waters
  • Royal Airs
  • Jeweled Fire
  • Shifting Circle series
  • The Shape-Changer’s Wife
  • Heart of Gold
  • Wrapt in Crystal
  • The Shape of Desire
  • Summers at Castle Auburn
  • Jenna Starborn
  • Mystic and Rider
  • General Winston’s Daughter
  • Gateway
  • Reader and Raelynx
  • Still Life With Shape Shifter

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