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Nick Miller, the author of “Isn’t It Pretty To Think So?” was born in Southern California. He studied English at the University of California, Berkeley.

“Isn’t It Pretty To Think So?” has been considered a contemporary, age-of- maturity story. The book is set in Los Angeles and it is about Jake Reed, a globetrotting recent college graduate who struggles to find a gainful job with his liberal arts degree during the job scarcity. He finally gets a Social Media Manager job in real estate, a role that compels him topursue stupid likes, tweets, and hits by those on their social media pages. After someone dies in his family and an unexpected inheritance, Jake resigns from his job and lives in silent beach towns and lonely hotel rooms. He then decides to live in West Hollywood where hopeless twenty-somethings are engaged in crazy drugs and sex. It is at this place that he recollected some memories from pictures posted online.

Miller, an enigmatic writer, captures the trouble and the restlessness of the Millennial Generation spirit– a group that goes through life mindlessly.The novel offers an interesting, distinct, and sometimes humorous picture of the lifestyle that reveal the true nature of our contemporary youth.Nick Miller currently lives in Los Angeles.

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