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MARTY RUBIN is one of the rare authors who know exactly what kind of writing they are born to produce. Calling himself “a writer of aphorisms for aphorisms’ sake”, Marty published Boiled Frog Syndrome in 1988, which is a book of aphorisms.

Here is quote from Marty Rubin as he explains the reasons behind his aphorisms or aphorisms in general:
“Since childhood I’ve been intrigued by the question: What is happiness? And also: What is death? The answer to these two questions sent me down theroad of philosophy. That road I’ve found, at least for me, is not a serious but a whimsical one, full of ironies, jokes, contradictions, fragmentary thoughts, clever, perverse, mystifying,exasperating, irreverent and playful reflections. Writing aphorisms, I am able to participate in this delightful game, pursuing freedom and wisdom down all the blind alleys of languageand thought toward that inevitable dead end.”

The best way to enjoy aphorisms is to read them thoughtfully. So here are some of MartyRubin’s playful, brilliant, mysterious and energizing reflections:

“Language—a mirror in front of a window.

Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If there’s war in heaven and peace in hell, then hell’s the place to be.

If you need a second to think, it’s too late.

Loud applause is enough to make any speaker doubt himself.

Rain is the picnic when it rains.”

Marty Rubin currently lives in central New York.

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