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Kristine K. Stevens is a rare writer with irrepressible passion for travelling. To mark her 40th birthday, she sold her house, left her job and travelled alone around the world. According to reports about her, vacations in Japan, Costa Rica, and France ignited her passion for travel. And going to new places liberates her from the limiting expectations of her own culture and exposes her to intriguing and diverse forms of life. Though her main abodes are Georgia and Savannah, she is not afraid to go anywhere in the world. She is always planning for her next adventure.

She writes about her experiences as she moves from one place to another. With a backpack and she plotted nothing more than a six-month- long vacation. But as her trip meandered around the known tourist paths, she had exposed herself to many dangers. She survived a monsoon in Zanzibar, braved a safari in Kenya, trekked in Nepal, kayaked in Thailand, went into a cave in Laos, braved red plaid fish and lava in Hawaii, and undaunted by grizzly bears in Alaska. This pilgrimage would later change her life forever. It helped her improve her self-confidence and relearned how to absolutely trust her instincts. All the dangerous accounts are presented in her book, “If Your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, It Isn’t Big Enough” which is a huge story told with humor, wonder, and suspense and filled with concrete historical facts. The tale distinctly reveals the complex, unpredictable aspect of global travel.

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