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Jennifer Elisabeth is the author of “Born Ready”, which is also the name of a Boston-based start-up company she founded. The company is established to facilitate personal and professional development in young women. Born Ready is all about the modern teenage girl and her very unique story that should be shared with the world. This is because she will find her life’s purpose and achieve a lot in life by loving tenderly, working hard and sacrificing everything to succeed. A born-ready girl understands the responsibilities on her shoulders and will conscientiously do whatever it takes to make it in life. This is a book for the girl between age 13 and 19, and for those who feel like she is on fire because of her own passion. She is encouraged by truth and beauty and desperate to share her special gifts with the world. This born-ready girl realizes that her voice is very unique, even though her story remains untold. She looks forwards to the day when she will finally be able to take the necessary risks and actualize her dreams and aspirations. This book is regarded as an invitation to girls to ‘Unleash Your Inner Dream Girl’, which is considered to be that little goddess or warrior they were before everything in life turned complex for them. Born Ready, a self-help book, encourages girls to create productive lifestyles as they prepare to take the next big step: Be it Entrepreneurship, Higher Education or the Traditional Workforce. The book focuses on five unique areas of personal and professional development.

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