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Gustave Flaubert Quote

Gustave Flaubert Travel Quote: It is always sad to leave a place to which one knows one will never return. Such are the melancolies du voyage: perhaps they are one of the most rewarding things about traveling.

Inspirational Travel Quotes - Gustave Flaubert - Quote It is always sad to leave a place
Gustave Flaubert Inspirational Travel Quote

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Gustave Flaubert was born in Rouen, France on December 12, 1821, and died on May 8, 1880. He was an influential French writer who was perhaps the leading exponent of literary realism of his country. Gustave began his literary career at school, his first published work appearing in a little review, Le Colibri, in 1837. He early formed a close friendship with the young philosopher Alfred Le Poittevin, whose pessimistic outlook had a strong influence on him. In November 1841, Flaubert became a student in Paris at the Faculty of Law. At age 22, he was suffering from epilepsy which made him give up his pursuits in Law and he went on to devote his time to literature. He is known especially for his first published novel, Madame Bovary (1857), a realistic portrayal of bourgeois life, which led to a trial on charges of the novel’s alleged immorality. As a writer, other than a pure stylist, Flaubert was nearly equal parts romantic and realist. His approach was to create beauty which often overrode moral and social issues in his depiction of the truth. It was a slow process but his idea of his art, therefore, became more exact. Hence, members of various schools, especially realists and formalists, have traced their origins to his work. He has written many books including November, Three Tales, Sentimental education and Salammbo. Flaubert sought objectivity above all else in his writing: “The author, in his work, must be like God in the Universe, present everywhere and visible nowhere.” 


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